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Welcome to our website!

PLUS is a Danish company that is known for its unique Danish-design products for the garden, terraces and balconies.

Since 1940 we have developed, designed and distributed a wide range of products for decorating gardens and terraces, including fences, furniture, flower pots, and outdoor playsets for children. Within our product segment, we have the solutions to create a haven in your garden, which you can use when you need a break from a busy and hectic life.

Our 75 years of experience make us one of the industry's leading experts in Europe. However, we do not rest on our laurels. We are in constant motion to ensure that we meet customer requirements for innovation and high quality. Danish design is our hallmark, and combining this with key words like sustainability and longevity ensures that PLUS is a safe choice. All products are thoroughly tested, and timber-based products receive the recognised FSC label, which is your guarantee that all of our wood meets the requirements for sustainable forestry. 

Unfortunately, we do not have PLUS catalogues in all languages. However, we have created a link to our Ipaper catalogue in German. Look through the catalogue and be inspired by the many wonderful pictures.

Main catalog

Fences and gates catalog

Garden catalog

Children and play catalog

Furniture catalog

Good advice and practical info

How to get started catalog

Maintenance free frences catalog

Slat furniture catalog

BBQ- and plant tables catalog

Flower box catalog

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